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EdgeConnex Data Center

Burr Computer Environments, Inc.
Elk Grove Village, IL
60,000 sf

The project involved the conversion of an existing building to a data center. The existing building is an approximately 60,000 square foot single story warehouse building. The roof framing consists of open web steel joists supported by structural steel beams and columns. The exterior wall is non load bearing masonry.

The scope of the conversion  included the addition of the following:

  • (8) – 1750kW generators outside of the building.
  • (9) – 2000 kVA transformers outside of the building.
  • (3) – Medium voltage enclosures outside of the building.
  • (10) – Electrical power modules inside of the building.
  • Roof mounted condensers.
  • Precast concrete screen wall around the equipment yard.
  • Rooftop mechanical units and small condensers for office cooling.
  • Screening for new rooftop mechanical equipment.
  • Interstitial structural steel framing to support data center ceiling grids in Data Halls 1 and 2.
  • Prefabricated room for Data Hall #1.
  • Dock levelers at interior dock areas.

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